Let go, dammit

We have noticed that on sunny days people come to see our house. On cold dreary days they do not. So we let up a little bit on the zealous vacuuming and polishing (it’s been especially dreary for winter here in Austin) and wouldn’t you know, a realtor called during my sweetheart’s birthday party and arranged to show the house twice that same day!

We were both feeling excited, even though we try not to be. And we got really excited when the realtor called to show the house to the same client again – she wanted her kids to see it. I was already mentally packing our stuff, then I had a tiny, little, freak-out.

OWLI realized how much I have grown to love this house. Living in the leafy treetops. Looking at our azure pool while writing in the kitchen. Admiring the organic beauty of the chocolate-colored marble we picked for the bathroom vanity. Savoring warm evenings on our patio with friends, or by ourselves, the long white curtains blowing gently in the breeze.

And our owl. He’s been with us for years now. We still haven’t figured out what type of owl he is, although I’ve listened to beaucoup bird-calls trying to find out who says, “Whooo? Who! Who!”  His call is often volleyed from a neighbor’s yard, so we imagine he has a mate.

In the immortal words of Christopher Guest, “How can I leave all this behind?”

Suddenly I was having some doubts. Feeling some fear. Letting-go is a necessary step in order to get to our next adventure…even if we aren’t sure what, exactly, that adventure will look like. I remembered the saying: “When you step off into the unknown, TRUST that you will be given wings to fly, or that a safety net will appear.”

Since I am not splatted on the ground like Wile E. Coyote, I guess it’s been true so far!

The FoolThe realtor brought the buyer and her kids back to see our house, and they spent a long time there. We know because we sat across the street in our car with our lights off, waiting. I wished we had binoculars in the car so that I could spy on them. What was taking so long? Are they rifling through our stuff? Are they offended by our sexy artwork?  Did they get nosy and find ______(fill in the blank) and now they’re judging us? Turns out the kids didn’t like the house, so, no sale.

It’s all just part of the process when you are selling a home. It becomes a commodity, a house being sold, not your home anymore.

So you let go. And let go some more. And then, let go even more.

XO Donna