It’s a choice

advancedstylebookTwo things happened this week that have had a great impact on me – a friend sent me a link to a blog that she thought I’d enjoy, a blog that is related, in a way,  to this one.  It is the perfect photographic example of  what I know in my heart, what I am exploring,  and hoping to achieve.  Thank you Sheri Lynn Parr, you hit the nail on the head!

The blog is:  

I hope you will all check it out. A young man named Ari Seth Cohen has been photographing amazing older women, for their sense of style. Let his blog tell you how it all came about.  But his attraction to their sense of themselves, and how they create stylish lives has evolved from his blog into a book, a film and now advertisements for Coach bags.

When I first saw this blog, I was stunned!  It was like seeing a unicorn, or an angel, or Santa Claus….you want to believe, but up until now you’ve had no evidence of their existence.  Here were stunning, radiant, stylish women. They do exist, and they are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!  What this means to me, is that now I have role models. And I have permission to be myself, to quit trying to “fit in” in a “what’s-in-style” sort of way, and be stylish and chic in my very own way. Even more so than I have given myself permission to do so far! 

The second thing that happened was that I received an email from another friend.  It was of stereotypical old women; c0ntrastinstyle“we’re-in-this-together, declining-with-age, ain’t-it-awful?”  that most people chuckle over and forward.  Or chuckle over and delete.  But, I didn’t find it funny, didn’t chuckle…and I realize it’s because I don’t choose to get old like that (see lower right).  Old is an attitude. And it can be an excuse.  “Older” is an accumulation of years and experiences on this planet.  And it can be done beautifully! (see upper right. Yes, the women are all around the same age).

Yesterday I spoke to a woman for a while at the salon. She’s my age, 61. She told me about some  female friends of hers in their 70’s, that ski all winter on advanced slopes, in deep powder, in and out of trees! She said that living like that was what kept them young. I tend to think that being  in touch with your sensuality, open to adventure, doing what it takes, and continuing to take an interest in everything around you is what allows you to ski those Black Diamond runs in life!

It’s really a choice. And it’s your to make!

XO Donna